JOB SUMMARY: To identify, form, and manage opportunities with major Internet social networking sites; develop and manage marketing model with a focus on growth opportunities in Amnesti Nation. Work with Facebook, Google, YouTube, and other social media outlets and forums. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:

 Assess requirements to establish presence in forums and as part of Amnesti Nation.
 Work across Amnestiunites to assess needs and establish desired priorities in social networking sites.
✩ Work with Amnesti teams to plan introduction of content in Amnesti Nation and other outlets.
 Foster long-term relationship with the social networking and Web 2.0 sites.
✩ Identifies and defines new opportunities with the IT team strategies.


✩ Education and/or experience in social networking and Web 2.0
 Ability to drive new thinking in terms of marketing models and opportunities.
 Strong execution skills and ability to organize as well as lead virtual teams.
✩ Strong external network in Internet/Social Networking space.
 Ability to network effectively also a plus.