Rushed Close

Mike’s routine for a guaranteed kiss

Others might think there is no such thing as a perfect quick kiss. That’s because they aren’t following Mike’s routine, where you’re always guaranteed a hot, steamy, kiss with any gorgeous, sexy girl.

In any relationship kissing is essential. Kissing plays an enormous role, as it will always leave a lasting impression on any gorgeous, sexy girl. Increasing your chance of meeting her again.

Kissing should happen naturally within any relationship. However, for those who need some extra help, I’ve got a perfect plan for you!

Before jumping into that fiery, hot, make out session with that gorgeous, sexy girl, you must set the right tone. If you’re with a group of friends or in a large crowd, take her somewhere quiet. Grab her by the hand, show her your playful smirk, and take her to a quiet and unique place. By doing so, this gives her the impression that you’re an adventurous guy. Captivating her more with your thrilling personality. Once you two are alone, get to know her, make her feel comfortable and relaxed. Do not break eye contact when speaking to her, as many ladies find men who can look at them with fondness and care much more attractive. Once the mood is changed to a more romantic and sexual setting, begin inching closer and closer to her. Slowly make your way towards her by caressing her, whispering to her ears like “I hope to see you again.” Before she can reply, look into her eyes and see, at this point, you can see her fighting the urge to want more of your touches. Now, stop from teasing her any longer, give her what she wants and hold her in a passionate and hot kiss that would leave her out of breath.

After that steamy kiss, she will for sure want more of you.

When done right, you’ll get an 80% success rate and the amazing thing about this routine is that most of those fast and intense interactions where you can’t pull are now solid. Most of the times you will end up meeting her again because she felt a deep connection with you.