JOB SUMMARY: Under instructors review, the Instructor Assistant is responsible for initiating and coordinating the clerical and administrative functions required in effective implementation of Live Programs and Bootcamps in select cities. NOTE: This position is NOT for people who want to become instructors. The Instructor Assistant is based in the local city of the Instructor with travel throughout the area and occasional trips throughout the city. The Instructor Assistant provides administrative support to the Instructor, including: planning, research, communications, personnel, recordkeeping, bookkeeping. He also acts as an Amnesti representative on Live Programs. General objectives for the assistant are provided by the designated Instructor. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:

 Provides administrative support to the Instructor to include: preparing documents, arranging meeting time and place, maintaining current practices, taking minutes at meetings, and providing help to the Instructor.
 Drafts programs and paperwork and other reports for Instructors as required.
 Assists Live Program students.
 Acts as Human Resources/Payroll liaison for Instructors.
 Arranges, participates in, and implements, as directed, Live Programs and Bootcamps.
 Processes and checks all paperwork pertaining to Live Programs.
✩ Prepares on behalf of Instructor the registrations and evaluations for Live Program Clients and distributes it to HQ.
 Periodically updates Instructors on policy changes or HR notices.
 To carry out, under supervision, specific elements of the operation of the Live Programs.
 Goes to field sites and researches venues for Live Programs.
 Submits reports of evaluations and reimbursements to payroll department for action on any pay changes.
 Performs related duties as assigned by Instructors.


 Basic knowledge of local resources.
 Impeccable administrative ability.
 Ability to accurately deal with several situations in real time.
 Ability to communicate clearly, concisely, logically, and coherently.
 Charismatic, motivated, and passionate about the company.
✩ Cooperative attitude and ability to act as part of the Instructor Team.
✩ Willingness to work evenings and weekends as necessary.
✩ Must be knowledgeable about the Amnesti philosophy, guidelines, and planning requirements of Live Programs to be planned.

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